We provide the establishment of horizontal and/or vertical control which will be the basis for future phases of a project.

At Noble Surveying & Mapping, LLC, we offer professional and reliable Control Survey services to meet the precise needs of our clients. Our team of experienced surveyors is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to deliver accurate and comprehensive control survey solutions for a wide range of projects.

What is a Control Survey?
A Control Survey forms the foundation of any successful land development, construction, or mapping project. It involves establishing precise horizontal and vertical control points on the ground, often referred to as “survey control monuments.” These control points serve as a reference framework for all subsequent surveying and mapping activities, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout the project.

Our Expertise:

With years of experience in the industry, our surveyors have successfully executed numerous control surveys for various clients, including land developers, engineers, architects, and government agencies. We specialize in control network establishment, control point verification, datum determination, and control documentation.

Control Network Establishment:
We strategically position control points across the project site, considering factors such as project size, terrain, and required accuracy. Our team employs advanced surveying techniques, including GPS (Global Positioning System) and total stations, to establish a robust and reliable control network.

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